Sunday, 8 March 2015

Stable Diet, Wexford.

It's a year ago now since I left Newbridge and am now a very happy resident of the Wexford countryside. It is a beautiful part of the country that has so much to do, see and enjoy! One of the highlights for me is the amount of fabulous places to eat.

I hope you enjoy as I continue to share a little bit of the sunny south east and some adventures further afield on Ireland, My Island.

Myself and my lovely fiancè usually spend Saturday mornings having a lazy stroll around Wexford town. There are lots of lovely cafes to enjoy and today we tried Stable Diet, located on south main street.

The café os beautifully decorated and oozes warmth and a relaxed atmosphere.

It also serves as a shop front for the farmhouse kitchen brand of the same name. They offer a range of gluten free treats, home-made cookies and granola among other products.

The menu is great from morning coffee to a tasty lunch.

It was early so we opted for tea, hot chocolate, scones and a chat!

The scones we just delicious -hands down the besr scones I have had in Wexford town. (Any challengers want to test that theory, I'd be glad to taste test!)

The hot chocolate was decadent and the tea, well it was as tea should be, tasty, comforting and lots of it!

The staff were friendly amd the service prompt even though it was busy.

With a bill of €10 we will definitely be going back.

You can see their website at

A great place to eat and enjoy!

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