Thursday, 6 March 2014

Living in the sunny south east

So I am now living, working and enjoying life in the sunny south east. Having made the move from the bright lights of home in Newbridge to the countryside of Wexford I am well and truly settled in.

After sticking to what I said in my last post I am delighted to be working in a fantastic place with people who share a passion for wonderful customer service and showcasing Irish hospitality in a modern, world class environment.

I have to say I am still adapting to country living. I grew up in an estate in the middle of Newbridge. I am used to light and noise. I get looked at funny when I say how dark I find it at night. It's so quiet and there are no street lights. The up side of the darkness are the stars. You can see a serious amount of stars at night.

There are lots of other little things. Like being organised with shopping. There is no popping to the shop to get a litre of milk. 'Popping' to the shop is a half hour job. It's doing my weight and pocket a lot of good though. No popping to the shop for a bar of choccy!! Late night that concept does'nt really exist here!

The thing we have a giggle about most, and its very inappropriate, is the death notices. Listening to the death notices is part of the daily routine. You do not ask questions or try and engage in conversation when this is on or you will be told to Shushhh!!!

The other week I visited a dairy farm. A friend of ours is a farmer. I have never been on a dairy farm in my life. (I was on a sheep farm once, other than that I was only ever on the Glenroe farm on a school trip!) The little calves were so sweet. I have to say I didn't realise how time consuming and tough life as a farmer must be. I would think that you have to be born in to it!

There are good and bad points to living in the country.
There is a wonderful sense of community spirit. Everybody helps everybody. When there is a community event so many people get in and help out. I know this happens in the town to but it feels different as this is a countryside parish and such a large amount of people turn out at things. Mass and the church are at the centre of the community. Something that I feel is not as prevalent in a big town.
I do get a sense that there is still very traditional Irish outlook on certain issues though. With a country community everybody does seem to know everybody business. I think perhaps issues like mental health are not addressed as openly as they would be in a big town.

Wexford is a very beautiful place to live. The beach is fifteen minutes from where I live. We walk on the pier in the evenings after work. As someone who is a firm believer in knowing and visiting the things that are at your door step I will certainly have lots of places to keep me busy!

I know this is a very fragmented piece with a lot of hopping about but I wanted to get a post up. I never thought I would enjoy living in the country. As it happens it suits me. My other halfs parents are involved in the church and I am going to be spending this morning baking for a coffee morning fundraiser for the local church!
Oh that's the other thing....the smell of fresh, traditional, country baking on a Saturday morning! Yum!!

Any recommendations for places to eat out or go see pop them up!!

Next time I'll get some pics up to.
From the Sunny South East!

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