Thursday, 9 July 2015

A hidden gem in the South East - Aldridge Lodge, Duncannon

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Aldridge Lodge

Billy Whitty and Joanne Harding are the proprietors of a little jewel in the South East crown – Aldridge Lodge. Situated just outside of the seaside village of Duncannon, Co Wexford it is a gorgeous little escape. It is a restaurant with a small number of lovely guest rooms.
Myself and himself booked a one night b&b and dinner stay. When you arrive to the house you feel as though you really are arriving to stay in someone’s home. The first sign of it being a guesthouse is the doorway framed with various accolade’s from the Irish Times to Food and Wine magazine.

Restaurant, Hotel, Wexford

Awards, Awards, Awards!

Billy met us at the door and brought our bags up to a beautiful double room with a view that I would dream of waking up to every day! The room was spacious, bright and fresh. A little tea area with a slice of coffee cake each ‘ to keep us going until dinner time’ as Billy said, was a lovely welcoming treat.

The Room

and the view...

There was no need to book a time for dinner – the table was there for the evening - love it!
We had a pre-dinner glass of prosecco for me and beer for himself. (Himself’s name is Liam and he is my fiancé – he will feature in these pieces frequently!!)


Enjoying dinner

A candle lit table by the window to dine while enjoying the most gorgeous Wexford sunset. The menu was great. Not too much that you don’t know what to order but still with a tempting selection. One of the details that jumps out at you is the amount of local produce on the menu. A testament to the thriving food industry in the South East and how local business work with each other.
While Billy and his team work the kitchen, Joanne and her team work the floor and did they work it! Johanne herself is the star of the show and the repeat guests (who there seemed to be a few) were thrilled to have a chat with the bubbly hostess.
Starters were fab. I went for the scallops and himself went for the pork belly. Both were divine. (We both have to try what each others orders – thems the rules!! ) The star of the show for me was the main. We both went with the seared duck breast and confit leg. Succulent, rich and just enough! We enjoyed a bottle of red with this.
duck, food, restaurant

Duck for mains

When I was making the booking I had mentioned that Liam was celebrating his birthday. When desert arrived Liam’s was a fun birthday plate complete with candle. I was thrilled and he was mortified (but secretly delighted I think!!)

The Birthday Boy!

After a long, relaxed dinner we retired to a lovely, cosy bed.
Some guests enjoyed a glass of wine and a chat in the bar or the little sitting area by the bedrooms.
Breakfast was a treat with everything you could ask for and again a lot of local produce.
The bill for the night - so b&b a wonderful dinner and drinks came to €193.
We left relaxed, full and with every intention of returning and I can’t pay a higher compliment then that!

Whats do in the area – Duncannon beach is just down the road and is just lovely. Dunncannon fort is also in the village.

I hope you enjoyed the read. There is lots more to come from Wexford restaurants, a trip to the Midlands and a staycation in Cork. Some more photos to finish it off!!


The room

Pre-dinner drinks


Duncannon Beach



  1. Really have to go here, it looks fab. Keep the blogs coming hunny x

  2. Looks fab, have to go here. Keep the blogs coming hunny x