Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A New Year..

It's the eve of a new year and the end of this one. For me this year was probably the biggest roller coaster year of my life. Having opened the doors of our little shop the in 2012 we were busy bees all year enjoying the success and learning involved with being business owners. It has been the most incredible experience and I have learned more about myself and the business world then you could ever learn by doing a masters or a course. 
2013 was also the year where I had to face up to the fact that I was, for years, suffering with what I have been told is general anxiety disorder. I'm not going to get into that as most people are now aware of what it is due to the huge push to create an environment in this country of a positive attitude towards mental health. Having spent a number of months learning all about the concept and practice of 'Mindfullness' I am happy and healthy in mind and body. What more could you want!

There was incredible ups and downs and I have learned more this year possibly than I ever have. There was some great highlights and I am blessed for that. There were some lows to but I learned this year how to look at the 'lows' differently. I learned the incredible things that can happen by just asking for a bit of help or advice. I have met some really brilliant people this year.

2013 was a good, tough year!! 2014 is starting off on a good foot and I hope it can continue in that manner. A year starting with good health, happiness and now a new challenge with my career as we move on from our shop to pastures new. 

I am not going to make any new years resolutions. I don't particularly believe in them.  I think its better to give each day the credit it is due and making the most of it. 

I'll finish this little post by saying Happy New Year. Life is what you make it and you only get one shot at it so you may as well enjoy it!!

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